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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

Originally Posted by GothamAlleys View Post

Youre forgetting a very important fact that fans seem to ( some intentionally) forget about, which is that it was actually a mob hit in disguise, thats why Bruce was spared to testify it was an attempted robbery.

Ah, the retcon; the panic button for when story-telling has taken a bad turn. First off, it took them how many years to decide that this was what happened? I don't even know that this story is canon (I don't think it is because it hasn't truthfully spread throughout the mythos) and even if it is, I would think a professional hitman would be even LESS likely to leave a witness than a desperate junkie. You don't need a living witness to say it was a mugging. You take the wallets and the cops will draw their own conclusions.

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