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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
Ah, the retcon; the panic button for when story-telling has taken a bad turn. First off, it took them how many years to decide that this was what happened?
Its not a retcon, its what was established in the first canon and current as well. In Year Two Chill is still a killer for hire. And if you dont accept this as canon than you cant accept the name Joe Chill as canon as well since it came around that time too

And it HAS been spread throughout mythos. It was restated again in the 80s as well. People and WB just like to quietly bury it down cause it doesnt fit with the current Batman movies, as theyre trying to do with many other things. Anyway, I wrote about Chill some time ago -

And you cant just take a small fraction of a picture and discard the rest. Its like saying you watched Empire Strikes Back and in the first 2 minutes it didnt say Vader was Luke's father so that doesnt hold value. Thats the exact same thing here, entire continuity should be taken into consideration, not an out of context fragment of it. Or at least one era. Theyre always consistent and have a good continuity

I would think a professional hitman would be even LESS likely to leave a witness than a desperate junkie. You don't need a living witness to say it was a mugging. You take the wallets and the cops will draw their own conclusions.
Its a kid, he wont identify mobsters. All he will say is that they tried to take necklace from Mom and for cops its an apparent robbery. Job done. Without a witness testifying its a robbery police mightve suspected a mob hit and start digging into it


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