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Originally Posted by --Zero-Ethic-- View Post
That's a real cop-out in fairness though.
A weakened Superman for an entire game until the end where you get back to normal when it ends? Bad idea IMO.

Would you want to play a Batman game while losing your fight skills and gadgets?
Or a Green Lantern game where your ring can only do one or two things?
Yeah, I thought of that in my head when coming up with the idea. Arkham Asylum has you gradually getting new gadgets which progress the story and upgrade fight mechanics. There is also an upgrade system where you could choose new abilities (e.g. Grapples, Inverted Takedowns) or improve already existing abilities (e.g. Multiple Batarangs, Improve Armor)

Superman could come up with something similar for an upgrade system. Like when the game begins certain powers might not work, like you only have basic ones. but as the game progresses things happen to where you start gaining powers back. Like Batman comes to help and has a device that could feed Solar Radiation to Superman which will return some of his powers. Or Batman has a serum that allows Superman's body to adapt.

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