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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

I've heard quite a few people say that Elfman hasn't written anything good or memorable in the last decade . I already disagree with that. But I wanted to back it up. By listening to scores of his that I own (that Elfman scored ) in the last decade. As well as having a cd release .

I've started with POTA (2001). That's the first album of his (of the scores he's written for the last decade) that I own. I don't have his scores for the films he scored in 2000. It will continue up to Elfman's "The Next Three Days" score. That was his last score he did in 2010.

Say what you want about the POTA (2001) as a film (eventhough I don't think it's nearly as bad as a lot of people claim), but Elfman's score was and still is top notch. The "Main Titles", which is always a highlight with his scores. Definitely set the tone for the film. It acheived some of the things the film itself might have missed. It's very percussive and synth heavy as well as the score itself. It's also better than a lot of the MV/RC rubbish that we hear a lot today in these type of films.

The score showed a side of Elfman I haven't heard at the time. It was also a different sound for a Burton film. Not the usual "gothic", "wacky", "bizarre" music that you hear in his films. Other highlights are Ape Suite #1", "The Hunt", "Ape Suite #2", "Thade Goes Ape", "Preparing For Battle", "The Return",. TBH I think the whole score is great. Never a dull moment. imo.

I really enjoy the love theme that you hear throughout the score but especially in track #2 (Ape Suite #1) that plays at the last minute of the track. Elfman made very good use of the percussion instruments (made and performed by Elfman himself) and synthesisers (performed by Elfman himself also). The score is 75% Elfman's performance (via synthesisers) and the other 25% is performed by the orchestra.

Elfman really went all out on the score just like Baker did with the make-up. I can't blame him especially if your score's going to be compared to the late great Jerry Goldsmith's original. This is just me but I think Elfman's POTA score rivals Goldsmith's own. I enjoy them both equally and don't take one over the other. Both scores are great in their own way.

I think Elfman's POTA score is very underrated. A few tend to slam it b/c of the film it's attached to or comparing it to Goldsmith's. Which like I said before are both on the same level. And that's compliment.

I really didn't feel like posting any tracks. B/c this score doesn't get bashed as much as his next one and others. But I did anyways to show how cool and underrated this score is.

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