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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

Originally Posted by Galactus123 View Post
They should do BETTER Superman Returns kind of game. Flying around that huge city was fun but the game wasn't really good:
That does look pretty cool. It they built a very big world for him that would be good too. If it allowed you to fly into a building and through it and walk up a flight of step, open doors, etc. If it was possible to walk into all kinds of places and situations, that would be spectacular. Of course, in a video game, the challenge would be (like in a movie or book) to actually challenge Superman. A video game where you have to deal with a tsunami, or a Doomsday type of monster would be great. Otherwise, it would really be hard to present a challenge to Superman in a video game. The best part of it would be just to explore the Metropolis world.

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