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Default Re: Captain America: The First Avenger DVD Thread

Originally Posted by DIRECTOR View Post
here is my gripe people............. I DON'T LIKE 3D. WHY DO THEY GIVE THE BEST COVERS ON THE 3D RELEASES

Until they create a 3D TV requiring no glasses, i ain't buying it period
They do it just because they know that they will piss YOU off. It's a conspiracy against you and you alone. You better go hide in your basement now. Be sure to stay away from sharp objects and bring plenty of food and water because they will be coming after you soon.

Why are people so dead set on NOT wearing glasses? I've never understood that. I think that it's ironic to hear that coming from people that actually wear glasses. I have a 3DTV and the glasses don't bother me or my friends. I guess that it's the popular thing to do.

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