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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Dangerman View Post
You must not know the whole story then. It was explained why Superman never told Lois he was leaving in the script book as well as the screen test. In both he states that if he saw Lois's face and she asked him not to go then he would have never left. Which is something at the time he felt compelled to do. A lot of the stuff many fans complained about was explained but it is just left on the cutting room floor. As I have stated many times Signer didn't do a bad job IMO he did what many writers have tried to do and that is made him more relate able.
That is not an explanation...

Superman would man up and tell everyone. He wouldn't duck away from his responsibilities like a wimp because he thought he'd be too weak too leave if he saw Lois' face.

If going was really that important to him, he'd be the confident grown up he is, and just face it.

And to your second point, as I stated in my post, I felt SR made Superman much less relatable than the Donner films. A combination of tone, questionable actions, a lack of lines and a lack of character building scenes, lead to Superman feeling like a two dimensional persona.

Superman: "I can only tell you what I believe, Diana. humankind has to be allowed to climb to its own destiny. We can't carry them there."
Flash: "But that's what she's saying. What's the point? Why should they need us at all?"
Superman: "To catch them if they fall."

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