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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

I think we know that I don't agree with the video.

I watched 80% of SR again on T.V (I missed the first part) just to see if I was being too harsh on it and I came away with the same feelings that I've had for a long time.

SR is a blandly nice looking movie with some decent special effect shots but overall it's still a mediocre to bad film. Bosworth isn't a bad actress but she's miscast in this film and instead of playing an adult she is clearly and poorly pretending to be one. Routh is a bad actor and although he looks like Superman and has moments where he shines those are few and far inbetween because of his lack of acting ability. I'm not that stuck on the kid as other people are but the kid is a useless addition that would have hampered future films. If the angle was well played and not gross like it was in the film I wouldn't have cared.

The biggest problem with the film is still the fact that I find it to be fairly uninteresting/boring for the most part almost complete retread of Donner's poorly aged films. The script and Singer weren't good enough to pull off a medatative Superhero film. And yes I do think that the lack of a villain fight hurt the film too.

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