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Default What would you have done in the x-men origins:wolverine

Well, the studio says that if you want to make a wolverine movie, it has to be an origin. What do you do...go!

Personally, i would show wolverine with the weapon x team for a while. Maybe plant some seeds for a Deadpool spin-off.

I think that if you divide the movie into 3 parts, i would want the weapon x team in the first part!

Then, i'd show wolverine years later, maybe keep the storyline with his girlfriend. I mean, this is a movie, you have to have a romantic interest. That's part 2, how he gains the adamantium skeleton.

In part 3, i would want wolverine getting revenge from weapon x. Really unleash the animal on them. I would abandon the plot about him freeing other mutants. I would maybe side him with Sabretooth against a threat...maybe a good version of Deadpool who is just doing it for they paycheck.

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