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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Dr.
Hmmm. I’m not sure where you’re getting this notion that Lex is perpetrating some kind of white-collar swindle – as if he plans to sell shares of NK on Wall Street or advertise parcels of NK land in real estate magazines. (Perhaps you’re conflating the STM scheme with the SR one.)

Clearly, Lex’s plan is much more akin to outright blackmail (or even an invasion by advanced aliens). In exchange for riches, he will spare lives and allow select individuals to take up residence on NK – where he’ll be supreme ruler. Very over-the-top, super villain type stuff. But not intrinsically incoherent or illogical.
I'll have to disagree. Lex's supposed "scheme" is one of the unforgivable failures of this film. It is indeed illogical in both conception and execution.

First, he's supposed to have all this "advanced alien technology" that will hold back entire nations and on which his whole "plot" is based. And what do we see of that in the movie? Absolutely nothing at all. Not only did they ignore one of the most important rules of film-making ("show, don't tell"), but they hardly even say anything about it. Lex just mentions it in passing, in just one line: "I have advanced alien technology.Bring it on". The whole plot of the film depends on a single line, with no visuals to justify it, or even make it noticable. That's not good film-making, it's amateurish in both script and direction.

Second, you say he's intending to spare lives and provide land in exchange for riches. Why even bring in a land scheme in the first place? If he has the power to oppose nations, why doesn't he just take what he wants? Why would he spare someone's life, and then throw in some "beachfront property" as a bonus? You either spare somebody's life in exchange for money, or sell some land in exchange for money. All this supposed land scheme is just another remnant of Singer's obsession with the only version of Superman (and Lex Luthor) he's ever known, shoehorned in there for virtually no reason. Again, bad film-making.

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