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Default Re: Final Season DVD/Bluray Set Discussion

Originally Posted by Prison Mike View Post
I don't buy the technical reasons being the issue. I think it's more of a financial issue. They probably don't want to spend the money on a show that is already over. As for the series selling really well...I don't think it sells well enough to spend the extra money and time on the conversion.
I agree, and like I said, it's more that they don't want to as opposed to technical issues or anything else like that. Star Wars is old, but still has a really high fan base that will buy the Blu-Ray Trilogy, but Smallville was decent at best, with a not so great fan base. Some of that has to do with the poor promotion of the show, which has been made much more evident by the fact that the box set extras are minimal and the cover art looks like a cheap attempt to look symbolic made by some fan.

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