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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by FNSpidey View Post
First, he's supposed to have all this "advanced alien technology" that will hold back entire nations and on which his whole "plot" is based. And what do we see of that in the movie? Absolutely nothing at all. Not only did they ignore one of the most important rules of film-making ("show, don't tell"), but they hardly even say anything about it. Lex just mentions it in passing, in just one line: "I have advanced alien technology.Bring it on". The whole plot of the film depends on a single line, with no visuals to justify it, or even make it noticable. That's not good film-making, it's amateurish in both script and direction.

No, he also talked about it during the train set scene. He said the crystals had the power to create weapons, vehicles (Supes ship), and cities, if I"m correct. And Lex created a freakin continent (almost) as proof.

(from IMDB):

Kitty Kowalski: [about Kryptonian technology] Sounds like a lot of hocus-pocus to me.
Lex Luthor: Well, naturally. To the primitive mind, any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic.
[Arthur C. Clarke's "Third Law" from "Profiles of the Future," 1973]

@bruce begins:
The character of superman is same as in STM and S M 2, it just progresses from there.

Superman leaves for New Krypton without saying goodbye to Lois and she tells Clark Kent that he should have said that later on in the movie when Superman decides to lift New Krypton in the space, he says "Goodbye Lois" knowing that he might not survive lifting a Kryptonite studded continent, that is character progression right there.

Well said.

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