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Default Re: Mandarin discussion thread

Originally Posted by gmanca View Post
After I found out that Mandarin's rings were alien in nature, I felt that a film version should rewrite that origin because it's too much work when it's much easier, on a relative basis, to say they are rings forged during an ancient period on Earth.

Embrace the mysticism and lore that comes from having a Far East villain. Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China should be the model, not Abin Sur/Sinestro.
Well since they've already dealt with Asguard and the Nine Realms with Thor and The Avengers, it shouldn't be too difficult to tie the Mandarin's rings to that in some way rather than explaining a new alien origin again. They could even say that these rings (which are Asguardian-related in origin) were discovered during an ancient period on Earth.

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