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Default Re: Downey's last?

Originally Posted by Jinouga View Post
You know, I was thinking that they could still have RDJ associated with future Ironman films but perhaps pull a Batman Beyond and have Tony Stark be more of a mentor to another guy using his suit and his technology.

*Edit* Just realized what I posted, but oh my God does Tony really need anymore Batman similarities? >_<
First off, that would've been Rhodey when he assumed the Iron Man identity when Stark was incapacitated with alcholism. Stark was a mentor to him in the comics. However, it hasn't worked out this way in the movies. We don't really need other people in the Iron Man armour apart from those two.

And yes, we don't need more Batman similarities. RDJ could still do a few more films, especially since most of the action is CGI and he only has to do the helmet interior shots.

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