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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Part 1

2004 had a lot of movies I was anticipating, everything from Hellboy, The Punisher, I, Robot, The Chronicles of Riddick, Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow , The Incredibles and so on. But Spider-man 2 was the most anticipated movie for me that year. Especially after the amazng first film. I used to watch the teaser multiple times everyday on "The Missing " dvd a few months before Sp2's release. Just to keep me calm. It was torture waiting for this film to come out.

Elfman's score was also the most anticipated score for me that year. As you already know I thought the first score was amazing and at times underrated. B/c of the harsh criticisms from fans. I couldn't wait to see what Elfman would come up with for the sequel. How he would develope the Spider-man motif, Peter Parker theme, MJ theme, and Aunt May theme. As well as what he'd come up with for Doc Ock.

Given Elfman's track record with sequels. I knew he couldn't disappoint. His Big Top Pee Wee score wasn't a rehash of his Pee Wee's Big Adventure score. His BR score was also very different from his B89 score. I know the films were very different themselves. But still. Same could be said about his MIIB score which didn't feel like a rehash of the first. Eventhough the same can't be said about the film itself.

Another thing I loved about the Spider-man 2 teaser was they made good use of Elfman's music from the first film. Which was only things to come for the actual film.

I remember being surprised and disappointed in the score in the final film. B/c most of the tracks were tracked in from the first film. It kind of hurt my experience watching the film the first time. It still does. Eventhough I still enjoy Spider-man 2 to this day.

At the time that bugged me to no end that Elfman's score was a rehashed of the first. I knew that wasn't possible b/c (despite what people say I'm talking about you KAW) Elfman never rehashes. So I start doing research on the Spidey 2 score. I looked for interviews with Elfman on the score. I came across one from the "Spider-man 2 The Official Movie Souvenir Magazine". Elfman talked about his score and how he approached Sp2 musicwise. He also mentioned how much he stayed away from the temp tracks and that he wrote over 85 minutes of music. That was a big relief for me. B/c I knew Elfman wouldn't sell out like that.

Things really started to unfold when I bought the album in August of that year. Which was quite exciting despite it's circumstances in the film. I heard a lot of tracks that were replaced in the film but on the cd. Things really started to be put into perspective when I checked the features on the dvd. It had a featurette on Elfman's score . It had footage of a scene ( Spidey falling in an alley after his powers fail him a third time) with the original music. And it wasn't on the album either.

Sometime in 2005 it was confirmed that Elfman and Raimi had a falling out b/c according to Elfman. Raimi fell in love with the temp music (which was music from Sp1 and Hellraiser and possibly others) and wouldn't use most of Elfman's new material. Which bruised Elfman's ego a bit. I really can't blame him. He said scoring the Spiderman movies are like scoring two movies at the same time. That's probably why he scored one movie that year (2004). Plus he said he liked scoring both films. So it was really a shame. B/c of that it cost Elfman Sp3. That could be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about the Sp3.

To be continued...

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