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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Part 3

"Doc Ock's Machine", (titled "Ock's Machine" on Elfman's cue sheet) starts off loud, sinister and menacing. I love the repeating banging sounds that beats about four times (I think). And then the tentacle theme goes crazy (which was dialed out in the film). Showing that Ock's machine is almost complete with only one loose end. The theme really goes all out in this track. I also love the tentacle theme segues into the Parker/Spidey theme. It reflects Harry's obsession with Spidey (with him staring at a collection of articles of Spider-man). The rest of the track was dialed out of the film. Showing the tension building of Harry feeling and hearing somthing approaching and we know it's Ock. Great track.

He's Back" is probably the most epic track on the album. It starts off sad and a little dramatic. It reflects the guilt of Jameson who believes he drove Spider-man away. He also admits Spider-man was a hero and that he was wrong about him. The music really plays well to what Jameson is saying. The cue quickly changes tune as the suit gets taken back to his rightful owner, And as Jameson takes back what he said about Spiderman before. The cue gets better when Spidey swings through the newspaper article and through the camera. It really celebrates Spidey's return. As well as Peter's return to his responsibilities as Spider-man. But quickly interrupted by Ock's main theme. This is an amazing and action packed track that makes great use of Ock's main theme. It really captures the tension, excitement of two comic book icons duking it out. It feels like a real superhero fight when you listen to it. The scene is amazing itself. This is the full version of the track. Micro-edits were done on the album.

"Train/Appreciation" is probably one of Elfman best action cues of his career. It's a real shame that it was replaced by Young's "Runaway Train" which isn't bad but ain't great either, imo. Elfman scores everything in the scene and not just the suspense on the train (like Young). The track shares similarities to "Revenge" , but it's not much. I love the way Elfman used the Spidey motif after he was knocked off the train and swings back on the train. It was probably the most powerful and triumphant use of theme in both movies and it has a lot of those moments in the both scores. Words cannot describe how epic that part sounded when I first heard it on the cd. Definitely better than Young's version on that part. Elfman really keeps up with the scene and the emotion. I'm not going to talk about 6 minutes and so of the track b/c I'll be up here all day. It that's great. I'll let you be the judge. I will say this those last two minutes are really something else. It's dramatic, touching, heroic, and really captures the heart of Spiderman and the film. Definitely should've stayed in the film, imho.

The first video is the track the "Train/Appreciation" track.

The second video is Elfman's music with the actual scene. Though the first few seconds has snippets of "Saving May".

The third video compares Elfman's and Young's cues with the footage back to back.

"Aunt May Packs" which are actually two tracks ("Aunt May Packs"/"Aunt May Sells Spidey") is another great and very touching track. It really captures what May's speech and how it's affecting Peter. The music (or scene, imo) doesn't feel too preachy. It really sounds inspiring and encouraging as well as patriotic. I love the use of the acoustic guitars, I believe, in this track. Aunt May's theme is put to really good use in this track. I love the way Parker's theme comes in when May mentions Spiderman to him. It's a really great track. It should've been left in the film. Sadly Raimi used it for Sp3 when May was talking to Peter about marriage and her own marriage with Ben. Which didn't fit, imo. This track fits the scene perfectly. i guess Raim wanted "Alone" from Sp1, which is a sadder track for a scene that talks about heroes. I'll post the "Aunt May Packs" track as well as the scene with Elfman's original track. It'll also have the "Not Back Yet" track and scene playing right after it.

"Armageddon" takes place after Ock was electrocuted and begins to take control of the tentacles. It's interesting how the music is when Spidey takes off his mask to reveal to Ock that's he's Peter. In order to get through to him to shut off his machine. The theme sounds like the Spider-man theme and Ock theme became one in that moment . I guess in a way to show that Spidey is trying get through to Ock. Very interesting.

I love the dramatic music where Spidey tries to get through to Ock with the same words May used to get through to Pete about sacrifice. The music is very touching and it left an impression on me in the film when I first saw it. I also love how the Parker theme plays as Ock makes the decision to stop the reactor. Peter and Ock both look at eachother knowing that a sacrifice will be made. Not just Ock sacrificing himself to stop the machine, but sacrificing his work for the greater good. In other's words to save lives. Very powerful.

The chorus that plays as Pete sees MJ staring at him without his mask. Very beautiful. It shows Peter accepting it and relieved by MJ finally knowing. The track keeps getting better and better as Ock's main theme gets sinister as he heads for his demise. While the MJ theme gets really sweet and romantic as Spidey and MJ say they love eachother in case they die as the building begins falling before them. The Ock theme gets more tragic and powerful as Ock sacrifices himself and saves NY. Then the Spider-man theme gets heroic as he saves MJ and swings away from the destruction of Ocks lair. Ending with Ock's theme playing to his demise. Brilliant track.

"A Really Big Web" is also paired with the "Armageddon" track on the album. "A Really Big Web" is a sad, touching and beautiful track that deals with Peter coming clean to MJ about why they can never be. It really captures the emotions of the characters at that moment. The MJ theme has matured more since the last film. It kind of reflects how far their relationship has gone since the first film. I love how epic, triumphant, and heroic the music was as Spidey takes off and leaves MJ for his responsibility (again). Eventhough she wants to be with Peter this time. Elfman nailed that scene perfectly. The scene wouldn't have been as dramatic without it, imo. The "Armageddon" track is edited on the video and album. " A Really Big Web" follows after just like the album.

"The Goblin Returns'' of course is the track where Harry finds out his father was the Green Goblin. And might take up the mantle next. It's a great track that feels like a return of an old nemesis with bigger fish to fry. The track is edited badly on the album. It's funny that parts are on the album aren't in the film but replaced by music from the first film (bits of "Specter of the Goblin"). The parts where the new material from "The Goblin Returns" that made the film is edited out of the album. Weird. Anyways I'll post the full version along with the scene with Elfman's rejected music.

Elfman's last track is "At Long Last, Love" which is actually called "Declared Love" on Elfman's cue sheet. What can I say about this track but that it's beautiful, happy, triumphant, epic, and heroic. You name it. Even the sort of dread MJ will feel while Peter is fighting crime and waiting for him to come home alive. I love how it play's the same the beat as 'Farewell" but just more peaceful and happy. Showing that MJ is ready to sacrifice everything to be with Peter. And that he no longer has to sacrifice their relationship to be Spider-man b/c she wants to take the risk with him. It's a really nice track. I love how epic and triumphant the final swing music is in this compared to the first. Both are good. I just like the difference in tone. I guess cause Spidey got the girl. And can finally accept the challenges and responsibilities that Peter Parker and Spidey have ahead of em. Eventhough MJ is a little bitter about it (letting his responsibilities as Spider-man control him and his decisions). Maybe I'm looking too much into it. Anyways cool way to end the score and film.

To Be Concluded...

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