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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Part 4

So in conclusion, you can probably tell (if you haven't already) that I'm a big fan of this score. To me it's one of my favorite Elfman scores. There's never a dull moment on the album. The dramatic cues are just as good as the action cues, imo. Which isn't an ionsult but a compliment. I like both of Elfman's Spidey scores equally. They compliment each other (as well as the films and PeterParker/Spider-man's universe) nicely. Apart of me wished he scored Sp3. But the way that film turned out. I'm kind of glad he didn't . Then again he has scored worse *cough*Terminator Salvation *cough*. I would've loved to have seen what he'd have came up with for Sandman, Venom, Dark Peter/Spider-man, and the New Goblin. Oh well. I really didn't find anything special about Young's score for Sp3. But anyways.

I was very impressed with Elfman's Doc Ock theme in the film and album. Back when I heard it in 2004 I held Ocks theme up there with Vader's theme. Still do. It really fit Ock like a glove, imo. Especially the eight note theme. I heard Ock's main theme was an homage to Frankenstein's theme from "Laurel & Hardy Meets Frankenstein" or "Abbott & Costello Meets Frankenstein" can't remember which. I don't know if I believe that b/c I think it's a variation on Parker's theme. Good example was the way the themes merged together when Peter took off his mask to reveal to Ock he was Spider-man. I always can't decide if it was Ocks theme Parker's theme. Then I came to the conclusion that the themes became one at that moment. It makes sense b/c Ock's is kind of a mentor an role model to Parker. And want's to live a similar life that Ock once did. Where he can balance his job with his love life.

I also think Doc Ock's theme is one of the best villain theme's, Elfman villain themes, and comic book villain themes ever. It owns Zimmer's one note Joker motif, imo. It really puts that theme to shame.

But I used to listen to Elfman's Sp2 score constantly back in 2004. I still do enjoy it. "Train/Appreciation" used to get a lot of playtime on my cd player. I used to pause bits and go back and study every piece of the cue. It was that amazing. I remember before YT that I actually tried to match the music with the actual scene, when I watched the dvd. With the music in my cd player as the movie plays on mute. LOL. I tried other cues from the album on their original scenes as well.

But this and Spider-man 1 are up there with the best superhero scores, imo. It's a shame that people really go down on Elfman and his Spider-man scores. They really don't deserve the hate and negativity they get from a lot of people (especially up here). Like I said before I guess it's all a matter of taste. But both of Elfman Spider-man scores are underrated and inspiring masterpieces, imo.

BTW, I'm happy that Elfman said in an interview back in June (in case anybody didn't know already) that he will be working on the score to Raimi's Oz prequel. Hopefully the Spider-man 2 incident will be a lesson for both and put behind them both finally.

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