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Default Re: Will Natalie Portman reprise the role of Jane Foster?

Originally Posted by Jinouga View Post
In the comics, yes. (Donald's also quite, uh, deceased thanks to Sigyn if my research is right.) In the movie universe I think it's safe to say they are two separate people at this point in time. Of course you should never say never because any good writer could figure out ways of writing out of any kind of situation. The thing that Thor comic book fans have to realize is that the movie universe is a totally different reality than the comic books. Yes, the writers can draw from the comics, but also the movies allow for a bit more freedom from convoluted continuities as well.
Don is a creation of Odin. The one in the Comics NOW is the original creation of Odin's.
When Odin died in volume 2 the spell that erased Don from everyone's memory and stuck Don in the Void of nonexistance ENDED bringing Don back to this plain.

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