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Default Should Fox pull a "Star Wars" with X3 & Wolverine?

I know a lot of people hate what George Lucas does with the Star Wars films, by adding new details to the films whenever he re-released them, but it got me thinking maybe it would be a smart move to do this to "X-Men: The Last Stand" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" because of some of the contradictions with "X-Men: First Class".

I'm mostly refering to the scenes with Xavier standing/walking. Maybe re-film those scene with James McAvoy as Prof. X instead? That way they could try and connect it better with "First Class".

I thought it would be a smart idea anyways, considering most people don't care much for those 2 X-Men films. I figured besides the cameos, X1 and X2 fit nicely with X:FC, so they wouldn't need to be touched on. Only the other 2. Any thoughts?

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