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Default Re: Michael Caine as Alfred Thread

So, I'll probably get railed for this, but I have somewhat of a conspiracy theory regarding Alfred and the Nolan Trilogy, and it's based almost entirely on a hunch. Here me out...

The last time I watched TDK, the brief bit of dialogue Alfred and Harvey had at the fundraiser really jumped out at me. Allow me to paraphrase...

Harvey: "it's so great to finally meet you, Rachel has told me so much about you. She says you've known her for her whole life".
Alfred: "Well, not yet, sir."
(This exchange is immediately followed by the Joker's arrival.)

I've seen this film about 7 times now and I had never noticed that line before. It literally sent shivers down my spine. Did Alfred somehow know Rachel would die? Was Alfred the reason Joker knew about the fundraiser and was able to infiltrate the Penthouse? Or was this just subtle foreshadowing?

Let's just imagine Alfred as a villain. It almost feels blasphemous to think about. As far as I know he's NEVER been a bad guy before. It would be earth-shattering, people would freak out. It's a perfect way for Nolan to really do something different and original with the Batman mythos (which is near impossible to do).
And we all know if anyone could pull-off an evil Alfred, it's Micheal Caine.

So whaddaya think? Am I crazy? Or could I have something here?
I've searched online to see if anyone else noticed the creepiness of that line or had any conspiracy theories, it appears I'm alone so far.

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