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Default Re: Should Fox pull a "Star Wars" with X3 & Wolverine?

To view wolverine and Last Stand with other films at times you would have to butcher the films.with the Last Stand better for Cyclops to do offscreen.I would have first appearance of Phoenix be when wolverine and storm find her.With Rogue far better for her to just
leave mansion and not be seen again.The pretitle sequence no longer fits series cannon.
Xavier Is crippled In First Class,and that Is when he and Magneto have falling out.Plus
whenever younger jean shows up In the first Class sequels they aren't going to stick to the Last stand meeting as when Xavier finds her.

with Wolverine I would cut everything before Wolverine with Silverfox.Thur deadpool can still be part of X-Men film series.It Is weapon XI not Deadpool at end.I also cut most of teenage Cyclops except for being a random kidnapped mutant who wolverine frees from cage.This elemnates the contunity problem of walking Xavier and deals with the fact when Cyclops shows up In first Class sequels they won't be sticking to his Wolverine meeting with Xavier.

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