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X-Men Legacy 255 was
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
a very nice set up issue for the rest of the arc. Rogue kicks ass as usual. Rachel is awake and tells of a super powered telepathic alien powerful enough to knock her out for a week. Team Magneto meets up with the rest of the X-Men lost in space only there is something a little off about them. They are killing Shi'ar not just in battle, but executing them as well clearly after being mind controlled. But, they keep their personalities so they think they are doing the right thing by serving these aliens, even if we see hints there are parts of their mind that have some problem with it. We also see the alien mind control is powerful enough to get a Shi'ar to kill himself.

The reunion between Magneto and Lorna goes well as long as she doesn't think he is an enemy of her alien masters, but the Shi'ar attack to kill the aliens, the X-Jammers, and team Magneto which convinces Lorna that Magneto is an enemy of her alien masters and that she must kill him.

All in all some of the best art work I have seen from Kurth over the years and a really good set up plot for what is potentally to come. Its nice that the X-Jammers still retain their personality even if they think they are the servents of an alien race and must fight and kill to protect these aliens.

We get an idea of what Magneto thinks about Lorna and what she thinks about him which is something I have been waiting a long time for. Carey is right that the storyline from the Magneto prospective felt like a delayed reaction to House of M/Decimation. I thought Carey did a really good job on this issue and there are only five issues left of Mike Carey written Legacy to come.

My only issue with the story is its decompressed which wouldn't be a problem if it were a 8 issue story as we are getting real character development, but we have only three issues left of the space arc. That said it could certainly be worse as it was origionally planned to be four issues before they bumped it up to five.

One also can't review the issue without giving credit to the cover artist for an amazing cover. All in all my recommendation is certainly to pick it up.

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