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Default Re: The Official Captain America Critic's Review Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
We've eclipsed 70%, and I don't see it going down. I only see it going up
I totally agree with your review of Captain America! It is an excellent movie adaption of a classic comic book super hero icon. I haven't had the chance to see Thor yet, but thought Captain America was better than Iron Man (which was also very good) My wife and I enjoyed the retro feel to the movie and we both thought her dad would like a movie like this, and he is not known for caring much about super hero movies. My father in law is more of a western movie kind of buff. Anyway, enjoyed the acting, the plot, the evil Red Skull, and of course the main man himself, Cap! Also thought that Tommy Lee's character was a great comic foil in the developing story when Steve Rogers is at the military training grounds earlier in the film.

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