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Default Re: The Official Superman Marketing Campaign Thread

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
To be fair he asked me via PM if it was OK and I hadn't gotten back to him yet.
So he made the thread before you could even respond tsk tsk tsk

Originally Posted by Showtime
I will say that the Superman Returns teaser was pretty much perfect and I wish all teasers were approached like that.

The marketing team has to show the general public a fun action oriented romp. A summer movie.
Yes, that teaser for SR was perfect, great music..... it was great because of that nostalgic factor. It was definitely the music that made it more epic. If the production is stirring away from the older films/John Williams, than they have to focus on more of the Superman emblem for the teaser, or that Jesus/Moses angle in the story of Father giving us his son as our savior deal.

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