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Default Re: The Official Superman Marketing Campaign Thread

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
They have much bigger names than Superman Returns and Snyder's action shots. They have a charming guy playing the lead with a fanbase, and the movie is different enough to make people curious.

How isn't it an easy sell?
Cavill is an unknown to the general masses. They have no idea who he is. All they know is he's British and he's the new Superman. Just about every actor has a fanbase and that doesn't mean anything.

As for the big-name cast, yes it's bigger than Returns had. But they opted for unknowns and character-actors. Something that's economically more feasible for studios (read: cheaper) and done more often. But is that cast going to secure rear-ends on seats during the opening weekend? It didn't for Batman Begins or The Incredible Hulk. It rarely does, to be honest, as great as The Man of Steel's cast is.

It's going to be the character and how they approach him here that's going to sell it. You're right, however, on them utilizing Snyder's action-skills in the presentation. There's going to be a "trailer moment" for sure. Like them firing a tank at Supes and not clipping off his chest like it's a fly or that rumored aerial dogfight footage between the US military and Supes v. Zod & Kryptonian baddies.


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