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Default Re: The Official Superman Marketing Campaign Thread

I think the campaign with Superman should start off early, but keep people wanting more. Sort of the same way the Batman Begins teased the audience. I don't know if they would use a viral campaign for Superman, but I think it is probably being explored.

One of the things I feel they should try to get across to audiences when the first trailer hits is the tone of the movie. Make whatever tone the movie has obvious. I think people might assume it is going to have a campy over the top tone like Green Lantern if they just hear a song, and a couple of shots of Superman smiling or flying or whatever. For example, the new Spider-Man trailer compared to the old Spider-Man trailer shows that the tone of this movie is very different from the campy tone of the first Spider-Man movie.

The trailer should show this is a total reboot so the audience knows it isn't some sort of sequel to Superman Returns or any other Superman movie, and what the tone of the movie is going to be like.

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