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Default Re: The Official Superman Marketing Campaign Thread

Originally Posted by FilmNerdJamie View Post
Cavill doesn't have the clout not to do interviews. He has to do them because it's a part of his job. Nothing wrong with that but saying he's "willing" to do them is stretching it and if Immortals bombs hard (which it very well might) that would actually make him less marketable than Routh. Because a huge budget movie with his face and name front and centered failed. Not to mention, they're going to make it known their movie has the new Superman.
Immortals may do poorly or it could be a success. It's not a huge budget movie. It has a budget of $115 million with a November release date.

I doubt the MOS interviews he's done so far is part of his job this early on. Things like sporting the S-curl at Comic-con, which I think was all his idea, is what I mean about being willing. No one has to pay him to do that sort of fan-service, like take pictures on-set and sign stuff for fans. He has that leading man quality and openness that the media will eat up.

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