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Default Re: The SHH Filmmakers Thread

I don't mean to hijack your thread but actually I was thinking about creating a topic that would be like an ultimate filmmaking resource pool for every aspiring filmmakers out there, where everyone would be able to post tips and how-to methods along with their own creations which we could then discuss together.

I am currently writing a rough step-by-step introduction to filmmaking that I'd like to post here if that sits well with you.

I liked your short, it's effective and funny. The only things that bugged me are the music which at times sounds like it's here to conceal the lack of sound effects/sound editing, and the camera work which was either top-notch (the first three times the character reappears at the start of the hallway with the camera going back to him) or very amateurish (lack of dynamism in the framing + I felt a lot of times that the camera moves were restrained by the set which is typical of student productions).

Did you do any colouring in post? It's a pretty effective way of hiding the "home video" look of a student film.

Good job on the effects though. They're very simple and thus very effective. I'm still in love with Georges-Méliès-type FX, no matter how obvious or simplistic some people think they are.

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