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Default Re: The Official Superman Marketing Campaign Thread

Originally Posted by FilmNerdJamie View Post
Cavill is an unknown to the general masses. They have no idea who he is. All they know is he's British and he's the new Superman. Just about every actor has a fanbase and that doesn't mean anything.

As for the big-name cast, yes it's bigger than Returns had. But they opted for unknowns and character-actors. Something that's economically more feasible for studios (read: cheaper) and done more often. But is that cast going to secure rear-ends on seats during the opening weekend? It didn't for Batman Begins or The Incredible Hulk. It rarely does, to be honest, as great as The Man of Steel's cast is.
While I don't think it's an EASY sell exactly, I do think it has advantages this time around, and the two points above are clearly a couple of them.

1. Cavill isn't very well known. Yet.

But he has the lead in 'Immortals' this November, and then the lead in 'The Cold Light of Day' next year, next to Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver.

I'm not saying he'll be a well known actor or anything because of that, but it makes it clear to the public, and any journalists/critics reporting on it, that the new Superman is a current up and coming actor who has not landed this role solely because he looks like Reeve or is a good height.

2. Again, it's not guaranteed to get bums in seats, but heading posters with 'Russell Crowe' 'Kevin Costner' and to a lesser extent 'Amy Adams' will give them some clout. Just like being able to head it with Chris Nolan's name, or lines like 'From the creative minds behind The Dark Night and Inception, and the visionary director of Watchmen and 300.'

Those are opportunities that SR just never had, perhaps with the exception of Spacey.

And it's the COMBINATION of advantages that this film has that make me feel positive bums will be in seats.

1.Well known and respected names for the producer, writer and director.

2. Well known and respected actors in supporting roles

3. An up and coming talent in the lead role, who is widely considered to have sex appeal.

4. A director that is assosiated with both great action scenes and great visual flare.

5. A villain that is not unheard of to the GA but not overused like they might feel Lex Luthor has been. (I think it's smart to avoid using him in the first movie, gain the audiences trust that everything about this is new and different, and THEN introduce a new Lex when they are less likely to just say 'oh Lex again').

6. A completely new suit that has at least created buzz about the film.

7. Plenty of time from filming until release to get everything just right.

8. The effects company Double Negative, that dealt with Inception, 2012, many of the Harry Potters including the final installment, and many many more impressive films.

9. Timing that doesn't appear yet to conflict with some overshadowing competition for box office numbers.

I'm not saying it's a guaranteed success. Plenty of things could go wrong. And the movie could still be awful.

But when you put all of that together, it's overwhelmingly positive

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