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Post Re: The Official Superman Marketing Campaign Thread

Originally Posted by EtherMagic View Post
Isn't LibidoLoca a girl? Just asking as people are saying "He" and "Bro", I'm confussed.
All you need is my screen name and a little knowledge in the Spanish language to know. aka I'm a girl.

Originally Posted by EtherMagic View Post
For side PR- I say come with a good Superman Video Game for once, like what Arkham Asylum did for Batman. Get Paul Jr Designs to build a Sups bike, get the movie sposered by McDonalds, happy meals etc, and come out with a line of MOS Depends diapers.

There you go, you cover all age groups!

I love it. Although, I think WB/DC will go after someone like Burger King or Subway for a kids meal plan. But anything is better than the Green Lantern avacado-Subway campaign.

Also the MOS Depends will look like the trunks just to keep fans happy.

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