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Default Re: The Joker's background?

Originally Posted by Severus_Snape View Post
Rodrigo, you're writing good stuff man.

But I still like the whole "there really is no origin'' thing for the joker.
Thanks, and I agree.

You cant specifically pinpoint what exactly his origin is. Even through his speech and actions, it still holds many contradictions and asks many questions that we cant answer.

My main belief, especially for the comics, is that Joker knows exactly who he was. But it will always be a mystery to us. Joker will never share his deepest secrets.

I got Lovers And Madmen for my birthday the other week, and I saw a lot of stuff I think went into Heath's Joker, and the film itself.

TDK's Joker is a combination of L&M, TKJ and Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum.

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