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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Originally Posted by Severus_Snape View Post
Woah there EM.

I love Elfman's Spider-Man scores as much as you do...but young wrote awesome stuff for SM3.
I don't know about that sometimes I think I'm on my own when it comes to how much I appreciate and enjoy Elfman's Spider-man scores. But it's all good.

The problem (for me) with Young is that his music felt out of place in both films. Felt too much like horror ( especially Hellraiser) music most of the time. Elfman knows Raimi's Spiderman films, universe, and characters inside and out. He created the sound of the score for the Raimi franchise. His music (to me anyways) was just as important as the characters and really got inside Parker's head and emotions. Elfman's score was really the heart of those films. I really didn't feel that with Young's material that made the 3rd film. Young's score lacked something that Elfman's had, imo.

I really would've loved to have heard what Elfman would've came up with for 3rd film. It would've been interesting to hear what he came up with for the he evil Spiderman/Peter, New Goblin, Sandman, Venom, and the symbiote. Would he have written a new theme for evil Spiderman or do darker variation on the spiderman theme as well as the Parker theme? Plus a darker Spider-man would've gotten Elfman excited. A big missed opportunity.

I thought Young's Sp3 score was nothing really special. Even the "Birth of Sandman" cue (although a nice cue) was again nothing really special.And most of all predictable. I knew where it was going and when the chorus was going to come in. The track felt too much like an alternate Hellraiser track. I'm still curious about the cues that didn't make the film b/c I heard he wrote a new Uncle Ben theme, and a new Aunt May theme. At one point Young claimed that everybody on screen had a theme. But I don't hate Young's score. I just wasn't impressed by it. And thought it lacked a lot of things that Elfman's Spider-man scores had.

Originally Posted by Spider-ManHero12 View Post
Great review of the S-M2 score. It truly was an incredible score overall and the most memorable of superhero films, IMO. Hell, Elfman's work on SPider-Man is my favorite of any superhero franchise.
Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it. This score is obviously a favorite of mine from Elfman. Especially from the last decade. I still think it sucks that he didn't score the 3rd film. I think that could've stood side by side with the first two scores. It's hard for me to pick which scores better between Sp1 and Sp2. I enjoy them both equally. For example, it's kind of like LOTR it's really one big movie instead of three. That's the way I feel about Elfman's Spider-man scores. It's one big musical journey of Parker's life and adventures.

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