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Default Re: Will Natalie Portman reprise the role of Jane Foster?

Originally Posted by mclay18 View Post
Yeah. I didn't hear a lot of people questioning whether Gwyneth Paltrow would return as Pepper in Iron Man 2 around May 2008 -- and like Portman, she too is an Oscar-winner and mother. I'm sure they can schedule Portman's scenes around her family if she requests.

As long as Portman likes the script and gets along with the director and producers, I don't think her return is a non-issue. I don't want to jinx it, but I pray she returns. She and Hemsworth were the best thing about Thor, and there'd be a hole in my heart if she was recast or written out for the sequel.
Well, like others have said, Natalie has a contract for future films, so unless her contract states that she has the choice to NOT return, then I think we're good on that department.

I mean, unlike the Norton and Terrence Howard situation, it's not like Portman was getting paid the most in the film, and there wasn't any report of her being difficult to work with or wanting creative I think we're good.

Plus, she seems to have hit it off in regards to friendship with Hemmsworth, so that's another plus factor.

And really, if she's interested in doing films like "Your Highness" or "No strings attached", then I think Thor 2 wouldn't be considered "beneath" her.haha

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