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Originally Posted by Mr.T View Post
Did anyone else know about Vibranium? Apparently not, because Tony mentioned in the IM2 Donut Scene that he tried every known element to man. Nick Fury told him "you havent tried them all". It's apparent Nick knew of another element in existance. So how did Tony technically "create" a new element when one known to Fury already existed? That's because Tony Stark did not technically "create" a new element.

Tony "created" a new element because it was unknown to the masses. His father/SHIELD/GovtAgency already knew what vibranium was but just kept it secret. They were limited by technology in making any attempts to manufacture/weaponize it. Tony was able to do that 60+ years later.
I always thought that Tony created the new element that his dad designed but didn't have the tech to actually make. That is why Nick Fury knew about it, he knew about the design.

It wasn't that he was creating it for the masses it was that he was actually creating it for the first time.

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