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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

Great ideas guys. I'm also a Supes fan that would love a AA type game.

Thought the red sun idea was pretty good when it was explained he would have his powers but make them stronger every mission complete. I hate when people suggest Supes not having powers at all or being weaker. Superman is a power house & we all should want to experience that. However I'm all for AA type upgrades that help progress the game.

Heat vision
Pinpoint accuracy / power blast

X-Ray Vision
See through more things /Longer distances /Find hidden objects

Ability to slowdown time ala Smallville

Unlock this ability & can seek out bombs or whatever

Unlock ability to fly into space/ Underwater

Superstrength - Lift basic stuff out the box but become stronger lifting more tons

Superbreath - Unlock ability to super suck / make mini tornadoes

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