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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

And how can I forget. The next Superman game needs tons of side missions. Superman Returns completely screwed up with the lack of mission variety

Ideas & situations.

1. Police car chases
2. Muggings
3. Purse snatchers
4. Bank Robberies
5. Criminal/Police Shootouts
6. Hostage situations
7. Track criminal hideouts
8. Grand theft Auto
9. Ease drop on schemes
10. Gang Violence
11. Rescuing someone from being shot

1. Evacuate Burning Building
2. Put out fires (Cars & Buildings)
3. Sinking Ship rescue
4. Someone about to get hit by a vechicle
5. Train failing off the tracks
6. Finding Bombs
7. Failing Objects & people
8. Take civilians to hospital
9. Drowning at the beach
10. Repair bridges
11. Car crash prevention
12. Stranded on boat
13. Pregnant couple in labor stranded

1. Poisonous toxic gas(inhale it superbreath release it in space)
2. Falling Asteroids
3. Falling Missiles
4. Infected water supply
5. Helicopter/Plane crash
6. Out of control car
7. Defusing bombs

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