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Default Re: Could Superman movies be realistic like the newer Batman films

Yes we both are on the same ''realism'' page.

The quest for realism for me atleast is portraying these fantasy characters in the real world dealing with real problems. I feel that is the way we can take these characters more seriously. They are presented to us as real people, in a real society being a vigilante. I think its much easier to connect with that than the comic book style. Having a comic book theme is not bad but how can the audience really relate? When you have a serious tone it brings more intense action, more suspense, more clever story telling. Its easy to overloook things because its fantasy but when its portraying realism you cant cut corners. You have to think things through. Not I have a magical sword now i can defeat the monster. Instead the character would have to come up with a real plan that can help him overcome

Yes Batman wears a costume & does all these unrealistic things but its believeable because its set up a certain way. In past Batman films we just knew he was a superhero dressed up fighting comic book villans that lack depth in terms of story.

Batman Begins shows us the young Bruce wayne dealing with problems & learning to overcome that. Taking up Martial Arts & learning these ninja techniques. So he wants to change Gotham from corruption & takes on the hero role. Thats much more you can say than past Batman films. It took a much serious approach with story telling & the character himself. The Drama is up'd & the sci fi element is lower'd

Now I agree Superman entire situation is different because he is a creature that can shoot fire from his eyes. That can fly, that can run faster than the speed of light but it possibly can be handled in a serious tone.

Examples -

- Portraying Clark as an outsider, ditching the clumsy goofy characteristics.
- Show struggles between juggling time with the Heroic acts & Daily Planet work
- Possibly a self doubting Clark who believes hes no Superhero
- Have the world in Aww & frightened by this Superpowered Alien
- Crime needs to be gritty
- Main plot that revovles around a realistic scenario

I actually thought Smallville did a decent job with realism overall. We saw a kid coming into his own dealing with being different.


Iron man is another film that takes the serious tone & makes the movie great for casual movie goers & comic book fans. Designing weapons & being held captive in a war territory with no way of escaping. Its done extremely well. Nothing over the top & thats what i loved about it. Put the character in a real society with restraints & we have a interesting product.

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