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Originally Posted by Greeneyes View Post
I like all your ideas Kal el,I think you missed the fortress from the list of landmarks though,and possibly a phantom zone or Kandor level,or an unlockable phantom zone/Kandor challenge as well would be cool?.

Ah heck,lets have the ability to fly hundreds of miles out to sea to save a sinking ship,or to put out an oil rig fire,then have to fly back to Metropolis at real super speed.

Lets have the ability to go into orbit to assist the space station,or even to a moon base!,they should really go for it with the game,I'd even wait years for the next gen of consoles if it means getting a huge detailed deep game that was awesome.

I'm hoping we get a really good game with all the depth and possibilities that you mention,but I don't think it will happen until Man of Steel shows that it will be a box office success,and there is real interest from gamer's.

And the success of the Bat games can only help,and should show the companies that it would be profitable,and would warrant the money and time invested to develop and make a really good Superman game.
Well I was strictly refering to Metroplis Landmarks but yeah those places available would be awesome. Not Sure what can be done to get you to the Fotress other than teleporting. There Jor el could have challenges / trials for Clark.

I dont know what limitations are there for 360/PS3 but id imagine Superman Returns didnt even scratch the surface. The game size was like 2.4 GBs. Thats absolutely nothing & they surely couldve fitted in more land, probably space & underwater options.

The Physics were kinda lacking. With Superbreath he could make mini tornados & blow cars far which was cool but couldnt blow enemies away.

He can have huge fire blast but the area wouldnt be effected. It was only visually impressive. You couldnt even get trees or grass to burn.

You could run into cars but they wouldnt move instead you'd be bumped out of the way. He should knock every car out of the way.

When you play games like Red Faction you can see how destruction can be done for the 360 & that wasnt shown in Superman Returns. So I think it has little to do with tech limits but more to do with time restraints & lazydevelopers. So maybe going to space was possible for SR.

No doubt after Man of Steel new consoles will be out. Theres no excuse how limitations are an issue then. I personally think the current consoles can handle alot of the stuff we are wanting.

Superman Returns didnt even have a real story mode or missions. So something else was the problem there. All you did was fight the same enemies & that was pretty much the game.

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