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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

Just because a developer doesn't have the time or the money to make a great game doesn't make them lazy.

I agree movie tie ins suck (because they have neither time nor money to be good), and I definitely want a AA-quality game, but I think something more emphazing what makes the character great would be better than a game that tries to capture everything. Arkham Asylum got rid of Gotham, Robins, Bruce Wayne, and reduced the Batmobile to a cameo, it focused just on the things that make Batman cool: strealth, detective, gadgets, martial arts. I think an AA quality Superman game will do the same thing, instead of trying to do everything, since no one is going to front that kind of money and time, will really bring home the idea of a guy who is crazy powerful and morally inspirational. I don't think an award winning Superman game will be AA with a Superman mod, though, AA is such a great game, that'd still be fun to play.

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