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Default Re: No Thor 2 for Kenneth Branagh...

Originally Posted by SWAT View Post
I hope they go with someone with the same caliber... Man, the reason the movie worked as well as it did, I think had to do with his directing. So, it's going to be interesting to see how another director handles it. But, I have faith in Marvel. The directors they've got for their movies up until now has been great.
While I consider Branagh to be a great director, I think Thor worked the way it did because of the style Marvel has achieved. Not that Branagh has no merit in it but Thor wasn't a 'Branagh movie' but a 'Marvel movie directed by Branagh.' And I suspect that's why he's not returning in spite of the financial success. Not that he hated the experience, not at all. But I assume he's after more personal projects and he knows that a sequel would be too much of a similar experience to directing the first one.

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