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Default Re: Your favorite Avengers...

Originally I did not read the opening post of this thread, just the title. So it's wierd I only chose four Avengers and not a whole team consisting of seven or eight character as requested by bored.

So here's my team

Captain America (team leader. I do not however have any problems with Iron Man being the leader in the A:EMH-cartoon nor the possibility of Cap not being the leader in the movies. But I have been a loyal follower of Steve Rogers ever since I read the Secret Wars-books where even the Thunder God said he would follow him above any of the others present)

Ant-Man/Giant-Man (Henry Pym, the adaptation of him in A:EMH I think is almost perfect. Also it's important to have a scientist on board)
Invisible Woman (I think she was a member back at the end of the 80s. She is by far the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four in my opinion. I also think she has a really strong character)
Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) (I have not read much on her but I think she has grand potential. I think Spider-Man is better as a solo hero, occasionally teaming up with others. And Jessica Drew I'm actually slightly tired off, she's was overused or used poorly by Bendis)
Quicksilver (A character I think is underappreciated and underestimated. He powerful and incredible useful. Also he has that exciting "former villain"-aspect)
Vision (a classic character, I love him. Still unsure on my feelings towards Avengers Disassembled)
Sandman (another former villain, he's also possible the strongest person on the team except for Invisible Woman I think.)
Beast (no constest as to which mutant-character I should have (yeah I know Quicksilver is a mutant). I'm tired of Wolverine, which is sad because he is a great character. Beast and Ant-Man together are also a brilliant pair of scientist)

Reserve members:

Captain Britain

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