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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

Originally Posted by GothamAlleys View Post
Well, if you dont find it plausible than I cant really tell you anything more. It is how it is and I find it very plausible and even better to have actually a witness testifying its a robbery. Knowing that Wayne was getting under the skin of many influential people, just dead bodies with empty pockets would smell wrong. Having a kid actually seeing people taking money/jewelry is a different thing. And which movie youre referring to? In Begins it was just a robbery gone bad, but in 'Batman' it was a hit
Says WHO? What came up in ANY of those movies to suggest the Waynes were targeted-which, btw, is the KEY ingredient in investigating a mob hit. If the cops didn't know they were being targeted, they'd have no reason to suspect it was a hit. If they did know, then they wouldn't have bought the random mugging ruse.

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