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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

even so, most people would be hard pushed to say he is the 'most realistic' out there.

i guess i was trying to say he wasn't realistic at all. even though his feats are achievable on their own, the accumulation of all of them together is rare

so is the ability to remain inconspicious

so is his abilty to driven into a lifestyle based on teh events that happened to him as a child, without requiring any sort of councelling etc to verge him off path.

and while the punisher is more likely a real vigilante, i've yet to hear about many revenge hit cops going after large scale mafia or organised crime bosses. I thought the majority of the hits done on them were done by other gang leaders.

but i am naiive to that side of things so i can't vouch for it.

but again, a superman (pariah to a civilization becoming an champion for his host nation) and a xavier (a leader of a certain persecuted culture rising up to defend it in the media) are my best candidates for heroes.

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