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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

I think it's very difficult to guess what will be in the sequel when we don't know what's going to be in the first one. I think there are three candiadates that are more likely than anything else.

And that is:

Ultron, because he will not be in the first one obviously without Hank Pym.

Kang, the whole time jumping thing will take to much focus away from the formation of the Avengers. That some heavy fiddlesticks.

Namor, not as a main villain only as a temporary foe or someone who is later turned into an ally. The reason I think he's not in the first movie is that I think we would have picked it up by now.

All three are likely as villains in the sequel. The Leader are another candidate if they do not use him in the Hulk-sequel (which I think they will)
Though I'm hoping for the Masters of Evil, it's just that they need to set them up in other movies. They can't explain the background of four-six completely different villains in one movie. So far they have only got Abomination set up (and he's not really a member of the Masters of Evil either)

Also, yeah. One has to consider Justin Hammer.

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