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Default Re: Ideas for how to bring The Justice League together?

Consider this for a moment. Chances are we will only get two JL films, if they decide to even do a JL film. I think the idea is to do solo trilogies for the big two; and, try to launch others if practical. At most, we may get one ensemble film, possibly two, if cost is low and box office does well.
With that said, their possible blue-print fit well with what I envision as a two film story, involving Darkseid, Martian ManHunter, Hawkman & HawkGirl, and Lex Luthor. No need for Mongol or any other powerful villain to unite the team; because once again, chances are we will only get one film, two if we are lucky. This not a comic book where story can be pushed out indefinitely. We will only get a film or two, with one director….maybe. Darkseid will never be done in a solo Superman film. He is too big and will come with a massive army; and, Superman will not face that alone.
So my idea is to introduce “the arrival” as a Superman solo film cliffhanger, than play specific scenes as after credit scenes in others solo films(mainly Bats & GL2). Leading to JL…to play out over two films. The kicker is to do one epic film, release in two parts, a year apart…similar to LOTR. Film probably wouldn’t be release until 2015 & the studio time not only to prepare the budget, set, location, story, etc; but, to launch other characters if they so desire(Aquaman, Flash, WW, for example).
The story evolve around the “Anti-Life Equation”. Darkseid invasion of Earth is due to the fact that he think the Equation is on Earth. What is unexpected is what is actually on Earth and who unknowingly has it. Everything ties together.


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