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Default Re: Nordick Mythology in the movie

There are quite a few actually, but the explanation (or more importantly the implication) of his Nine Mothers is still contested. I really like your theory, who knows, maybe you ought to write a paper on it (or even better, write a story about it).

One thing about Heimdall that I remember from mythology is the suggestion that he is responsible for the creation of social castes among mankind. This makes even more sense if his 9 mothers are, as you say, representative of the 9 worlds. Not only does Heimdall in this way act as a sort of 'Tower of Babel' figure, being eventually responsible for most cultures of the world, but it also gives those cultures a variation. Of course, it also unifies them to one point. They say that his moms were jotuns, and some scholars even point him as among the Vanir, opting for a more exotic (oriental?) origin, he was certainly held in high regard among the Aesirs. Take it anyway you want it.

One other implication of Heimdall is that little detail about the horn he blows in the onset of Ragnarok. He isn't the only one to do that. The archetype of a world-wide alarm at the end of all existence is visibly apparent in many other mythologies, and is especially so in our own Abrahamic scriptures. Nevertheless I do think you're onto something by connecting the Nine Realms with the Nine Maiden Mothers.


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