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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Discussion Thread

So he names it the "Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning". No wonder nerds like Wolverine; he's the ugly, short, anti-social dude who never figured out "she's just not that into you".

Logan: I'm calling it the Jean Grey Institute...
Hank: Oh God, not this again...
Logan: What?
Bobby: She's not into you, never was...
Logan: Nah, that's my lady.
Hank: She f***s Scott
Bobby: For like ten years...
Hank: He told me about the post-affair make-up was epic.
Logan: (fingers in ears) lalalalalalalalalalalala
Bobby: Yeah, Logan, naming the school after her, you can't be such a b*tch, women hate that.
Hank: Treat 'em like dirt, they stick like mud...
Bobby: Was that Shakespeare...?
Hank: Nah, I heard it on Jersey Shore
Bobby: Next time you see her just call her a c***, I promise it'll work.
Logan: She's my perfect angel...
Hank: Oh for Xavier's sake...
Bobby: Now I know why Scott was the leader.

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