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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by javi1024 View Post
id just like to see a chance for some of the New X-Men/Academy-X kids to finally graduate to full X-Men status. weve seen them as support or in the back lines of a fight but i want to start seeing the kids who believe in the fight (whether its Scott's side or Logan's side) to be integrated as members of the main team. i feel many of them have proven their worth as 'X-Men' and not just that ambiguous title Cyclops gave the whole damn island after the Utopia crossover.
They all became full X-men in Manifest Destiny. Its why they've appearing on various X-men squads since as opposed to being kept limited to the classroom as they were in New X-men. They are all X-men and are utilized as such. They arent just support. The New X-men primarily made up the squad used in X-Infernus and Hellbound. They've been getting much more love over in Legacy, fighting alongside Rogue and various other senior members. Armor and Pixie have both been used alot between Astonishing and Uncanny respectively. Theres no need for them to "graduate" to X-men status bc they are already there. Scott made it so when he abolished the school and gave them a push forward

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