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Default Re: The Official Captain America Critic's Review Thread - Part 2

..I got to see it again, and was able to appreciate more of it this time around.. first time was at a drive-in, and it was the second feature, and fatigue had set in by mid-film..
ah.. Lots of good stuff to enjoy.. I saw Phineas Horton's name above the "artificial man" exhibit..
hm, so the Skull was having a portrait painted.. heh.. film's end, the Skull sees cosmic wonders before being "disintegrated" by the cube.. so, I wonder is he "inside" it now? hmm..
..I wonder what happened to Zola, since he was captured by film's end..
..I wonder what happened to a lot of the Hydra-tech, now that the cube was captured by the Allies.. and just what did the Allies end up doing with the cube? mothball it like the Ark?

..I wonder if Howard stark would appear in flashback scenes in the next film..

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