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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

Originally Posted by GothamAlleys View Post
1. Early Script which explained who ordered the hit (Rupert Thorne who eventually became Carl Grissom)
2. Napier was a mobster from early days
3. Take a look at the assasins. They were waiting for them in the alley. They knew where they were. Both had leather gloves. Both had shiny expensive shoes and even expensive suits, coats and ties (!), not to mention the neat and sleek hairdo. Hugo Blick who played young Napier said his suit was so expensive they didnt even let him keep it. People like that dont hang out in the alleys, and certainly dont need some street robbery or wallet money. And remember they were following them
4. Napier was just standing there with his gun ready in his pocket. They never asked for wallet or money, never pulled a gun on them. Never took it. Napier never even uttered a word, he just shot the two while standing away in the shadow
Bob grabbed the pearls, was shocked when Jack fired, and then bailed, encouraging Jack to do the same. All your points are truly speculative as NONE of this was confirmed in the actual context of the film.

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